bruggeman Instant Blue Label
  • Premium quality for lean dough
  • Suitable for almost every recipe and every baking technique
  • Available in 10kg, 500g, 125g and 11g packs
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bruggeman InstantSD Brown Label
  • Premium quality for sweet dough (SD)
  • Available in 10kg and 500g packs
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  • bruggeman Instant
  • bruggeman Instant<span>SD</span>

As experts we know consistent proofing times from one batch to another are essential to get the finest baking results. That’s why our yeasts have a guaranteed high and stable fermentation capacity.


Bruggeman Instant yeasts guarantee optimum fermentation and dough development. They also produce natural aromatic substances which lend fresh bread its unique flavour.


Our expert dry yeasts can be mixed with the flour straight away, before any water is added. If you use cold water, add our yeast about one minute after you start mixing to avoid direct contact with the cold water.


Bruggeman Instant Blue Label is eminently suitable for all baking techniques and recipes. As a dry yeast it is a natural living yeast in a dehydrated form. The rock-hard vacuum packaging guarantees a shelf life of two years, with all freshness sealed. No refrigeration is needed during transport and storage, and storage space is very limited.