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Which Bruggeman yeasts, improvers and sourdoughs are available and how can they be used in an optimal way? Which baking techniques suit which products? Which temperatures, humidity, and sugar percentages get the best results? That’s when Bruggeman’s Expert Advice comes in: we provide you with all the personal advice you need to optimize every aspect of your baking processes.


Our technical support teams assist bakers whenever they have questions regarding their baking processes. Our teams not only tackle product related questions, but they also suggest solutions for optimal equipment use. And we’re also happy to assist you in finalizing the development of your key products. Our Dedicated Support teams are always at your side, be it in your own work environment, in our Bruggeman expertise center or via phone and online meetings.


We want to inspire you to reach next levels of baking, That’s why we provide great Training & Workshop opportunities, in our fully equipped Bruggeman expertise center. And every session is different, We cover a vast area of baking related topics, including the optimized use of yeasts, sourdoughs and a variety of other great ingredients. Or why not join a seminar on market trend spotting or a workshop on setting up your own sensory analysis?

recipe customization

Have you developed or discovered a truly great baking recipe but is it not 100% on point yet? Then we offer you our expert help and experience to finalize and customize it according to your needs and requirements. An ancient bread recipe that needs upscaling or adapting to new markets? That’s great! Bruggeman also delivers expert knowledge on lab scale development and supports ‘on the line’ implementations for industrial customers. That’s some serious Recipe Customization, indeed!

Best Products

Being the leading manufacturer of baker’s yeast since 1949 has endowed us with unparalleled product knowledge and process control. The result: first class premium quality yeasts, improvers and sourdoughs. Truly Best Products, to boost your baking techniques and craft beyond their limits.